MapleStory 2 conquers the skies and introduces fresh Soul B

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MapleStory 2 conquers the skies and introduces fresh Soul B

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The newest Soul Binder category of the sport is a magical mix of damage dealers and healers who learn ancient spells deep within the Cheap Maplestory2 Mesos mysterious Halo Mountains. While their magical abilities continue to be unpolished, players must strive to tap to the devastating possible indoors.

Together with the Sky Fortress, the warship from the atmosphere, which was called sky fortress, also a brand new play area was made. With the new place, the heroic narrative continues with new missions imposed on players from the five constructed factions, such as the Royal Guard's honorable musicians, the agents of Black Breeze, along with the religious wizards of the lumi-nights.

As an intermediate into the previously published Hard Chaos Raids, Maplers can also attempt on the recently added Normal Chaos Raids, along with the tricky Adventure game have been adapted to prepare the players to the greatest challenge of this Chaos Raids!

MapleStory 2 organizes a Skybound Celebration Event to observe the update, with Maplers beginning at level 10 logging in through the first month of the upgrade, receiving 30 Elixirs, 30 Master Potions, along with also a Level Up Booster Ticket covering their Combat, Performance, and Fishing ability increases. When a player reaches level 60, he receives extra items, like a level-up back, which raises a character to level 50 and brings further big rewards.

With the update, festive MS2 Mesos events will take place throughout the Christmas season in Maple World. Players can grab dozens of unique prizes at Merry Village.

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